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REMEDIAL MASSAGE - Health Fund Rebates

"The only real valuable thing is intuition." - Albert Einstein

REMEDIAL MASSAGE - Health Fund Rebates

Remedial Massage is an amazing therapy , as it sees the body as a whole. We don't just work on the sore area. We are aware that your body is always compensating.  A sore neck maybe caused by tight hips, and those tight hips might be caused by short hamstrings. 


Remedial Massage with Leanne Christiansen

Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Life style Consultant Cert IV, Hawaiian Massage, Remedial Massage diploma and Kinesiology diploma

Remedial Massage with Alexandra Greatley

Remedial Massage with Kylie Mc Donald


At Bribie Yoga Retreat,  Your treatment  may include Hot Stones to relax your muscles, while still using remedial massage techniques to treat the problems.  Pressure is adjusted  to suit your issues, and to your own level of comfort. Your treatment may  also use Chinese Cupping, taking your muscles into contraction and extension to ease out sore spots. Leanne is the master of finding those tight areas.


Wow, wow, wow! What an incredible first time experience...Massage was amazing, and the card reading was a beautiful start to my time at the Yoga Retreat...can't wait to go again...thank you 🙏 


Yesterday, I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.

Today, I am wise, so I am changing myself. - Rumi


60 Min Remedial Massage - Health Fund Rebates



Remedial Massage

90 Min Remedial Massage

Complete indulgence, 90 mins full body, including feet and face. Use of therapeutic essential oils and Hot Stones. Health Fund Rebates.




Remedial Massage

30 Min Remedial Massage

For those short on time. Target for main areas. Health Fund Rebates available.




60 Min Kinesiology Balance.

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to communicate with the innate awareness to remove stress, be it emotional, structural, physiological, or neurological.



Energetic Emotional Release

60 Min Energetic Emotional Release with Ben

Ben uses Hypnosis, Age Regression, Kinergetics, Barrs Therapy, Reiki


60 Min Hot Stone Massage

60 Min Hot Stone Massage

 Hot Stones are applied to the body to relax and release tight muscles. Hot Stones are a kinder way of releasing the muscles.



60Min Pregnancy Massage

60 Min Pregnancy Massage

 60 min Pregnancy massage, to relax and rejuvenate. Must be over 12 weeks pregnant.



Energetic Emotional Release for Children

30 Min Psychic Reading with Ben

#0 min Psychic Reading for healing and well being



What our past clients are saying about us.

Leanne provided an amazing treatment of remedial massage and kinesiology, I walked out feeling physically better and mentally calm. Thanks so much, I will definitely return. - Tamsyn

 Fantastic remedial massage, Leanne knows her stuff, I have had very good results in a short time. I can’t fault the service and have recommended Leanne to others.

- Ngarita

Wow, Christine's healing energy is sublime - Kirra

Another amazing massage. Leanne is the best therapist I have been to in 30 years of having regular massages. She intuitively knows exactly my trouble spots & I always leave feeling so much better then when I arrive. - Jen


Ben is amazing, spot on with my emotions, thoughts and feelings, it was really uplifting to let these negative energies go! I have been holding on to way to much for way to long! I will definitely see him again and I highly recommend him!!! - Kym

 My 2021 resolution is to improve my health and fitness. The Reset and Relax experience was the perfect start. Restorative yoga, energy healing and a massage eased tension and reset my outlook. The delicious morning tea and lunch was a bonus. Thank you Leanne for a decadent experience. - Linda M

 Wow I really can’t say enough it was a awesome Hot Stone Massage Christine was very professional and made the experience comfortable and beneficial so much that I have rebooked - Sue

Ben was wonderful. I’m incredibly grateful for the shifts and releases. Kindly. Jo🌸

Definitely the best massage on Bribie and I have been to a lot. - Ron

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