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"The  Soul always knows how to heal itself." Carolyn Myss 

Kinesiology talks to the soul by bypassing the mind.


Kinesiology, uses muscle testing to bypass the mind and connect to your higher self. This higher part of you, your supreme consciousness is there to help you. 

By connecting to your spirit, we can go directly to your highest priority of stress and ask your higher self how to release this stress.

Leanne will find what it is, that your spirit, would love to heal in you.

Your stress could be emotional, physical, physiological, neurological, spiritual, or a survival issue.

Your spirit wants to grow

Kinesiology can offer quite a lot of awareness without trolling through past trauma. Kinesiology can work through trauma held in past lives brought through into this one.

Many of my clients remark that Kinesiology is like getting a massage on the inside.

It's very relaxing to your spirit. 

Connecting to your innate wisdom, by bypassing the brain, to find the causes of your long term stress.

No review of past traumatic events, just going straight to the healing process.

Kinesiology Tools

5 Element Emotional Chart

This is a list of the potential suppressed emotions within you. 

These emotions may have surfaced as a young child.  Juveniles are unable to process complex emotions. So they use coping mechanisms. These coping mechanisms we carry through into our adulthood.  This may cause a separation, denial, suppression or judgement of these emotions.

Kinesiology will take you to the original age, and heal the traumatic emotion at that timeline.

This can release long held emotional triggers.

This is just one of our many Kinesiology Tools

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