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You are not your illness
Slowly wins the Race
Yoga At Bongaree Jetty


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You are not your illness

Slowly wins the Race

Many people who try Yoga for the first time, forget that this is their first Yoga class.

For many people, I myself included, want to get into the final pose. Forgetting that Yoga is a process, or a journey. That, in fact, it would be better to savour and enjoy the practice.

By pushing forward, we run the risk of learning the pose incorrectly. As beginners, we also run the risk of harming, instead of healing. Sore muscles could be the least of your problems.

So what causes sane people, to push beyond what their bodies can reasonably take?

Yoga At Bongaree Jetty

Yoga at Bongaree Jetty is becoming my favourite thing to do...
I've always loved the view at Bongaree, and now I'm enjoying my practice down under the big tree. It seems that every week the weather is getting better and better. 
Bribie Island is the most beautiful of places. It seems that my students are also loving their relaxation time as well. Standing poses are more stable. The breathing is much easier. The practice goes deeper. 
After the practice, we share coffee and breakfast at Blue Anchorage Restuarant. We talk about Yoga and make new friends. Friends who share a passion for Yoga and Bribie Island. Of course it doesn't hurt that the markets are on most Sundays, too.